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Dav’s Ultimate Halloween Mix’s 20th Anniversary Edition: Halloween 2021

Click Here for the 20th Anniversary Halloween Mix

****There are two mp3 of Flatlinerz’s song “Flatline”***

Flatline (Radio) = Censored

Flatline = Uncensored

****Keep the one you want****

Wow.  20 Years of Annual Halloween Mixes. I can’t believe we are here.

All songs by Professor D are by me. Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think. Feel free to share and pass on the link.  If you want more, check out the previous year’s mixes links at the bottom of this post.

I’ve also just uploaded a bunch of music I made on old mixes under The Best of Professor D.

It has been a busy year for everyone, I was only able to record one original song, but it is a good one.  There is also one song that I made out of clips from 70s and 80s Halloween commercials.  I also have clips from horror movie trailers and old commercials in front of each song.

I’m going to post information about each track all month, so check back in and scroll down to see new entries.

Track List:

  1. Fangoria/Evil Night Together-Jill Tracy and the Malcontent Orchestra
  2. Real Monsters-Professor D
  3. Halloween II/Skeleton Kiss-Christian Death
  4. Bela Lugosi’s Dead (Bauhaus Cover)-Nouvelle Vague
  5. Splatterhouse/Green Like the Color of Blood-Lee Harvey Oswald Band
  6. Black and Orange-God Module
  7. (I Was A) Teenage Creature-Lord Luther & the Kingsmen
  8. Creepshow/Flatline-Flatlinerz
  9. This House Is Haunted-David Vanian & The Phantom Chords
  10. Halloween for Sale-Professor D
  11. Bury Me Deep-Chance Halliday
  12. Fright Night/Perks of Being A Vampire-Vision Through Sound
  13. Return of the Living Dead/Zombie Jamboree-Harry Belafonte
  14. Dead Boys-The Fashion
  15. Bogglands/Little Monster-The Baker Sisters w. Hugo Peretti O.
  16. Manson Halloween/Cemetery Girls-Schoolyard Heroes
  17. The Exorcism-Tommy Scott & Scotty Lee
  18. Mr Werewolf-The Kac-Ties
  19. Haunted Mansion at Longbranch/Pet Semetary (Ramones Cover)-Skunk
  20. Nightmare on Elm Street II/Killing Smile-Pzychobitch
  21. That Halloween Night-Denis & Duble Dates

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Track 1: Fangoria/Evil Night Together-Jill Tracy and the Malcontent Orchestra

For this years’ opener, I found this ad featuring Angus Scrimm selling Fangoria subscriptions. Horror fans know him best as The Tall Man for the weird and fun Phantasm movie series. With a little editing, this became the perfect way to kick things off.

Jill Tracey has been making mysterious music since the mid-90s; the style is often described as Dark Cabaret. She is a pianist, singer, and composer stationed in San Fransisco. With her band, the Malcontent Orchestra, she created a new soundtrack to F.M. Murnaus’ Nosferatu. Much like the Fangoria ad, as soon as I heard this, I knew it would be the first track.

Track 2: Real Monsters-Professor D

Every year, no matter what, I challenge myself to write one song for Halloween. This year the song is “Real Monsters”, about the monsters we are all afraid of and the reality of human beings being the real monsters in our lives. I’ve always had the guitar and my voice to use to create, and I have drum pad used from time to time. My wife bought me a midi keyboard a last Christmas, and I wasn’t sure how well I was going to be able to incorporate it into songs. I have been sitting in on my son’s piano lessons for the past year and just by helping him learn, I have learned so much that I was able to match the chords of the guitar with the notes of the keyboard. So this song has a flavor I’ve never been able to accomplish before and makes me excited for future songs.


He fears at night zombies are going to get him

Rising up out of the cemetery tomb

Teeth gnash stumbling in his direction

Overwhelming numbers going to seal his doom

Safety biased superficial

Perception is prejudicial

Self important sacrificial

Anxiety is artificial

Real Monsters don’t always appear so gruesome

Don’t look like Frankenstein

Real monsters can look like anybody

Normal person gonna make you die

She pulls the covers up tight around her face

Horror dreams have made her a wreck

At the window visitor will arrive

Thinks a vampire’s going to bite her neck

Safety biased superficial

Perception is prejudicial

Self important sacrificial

Anxiety is artificial

Real Monsters don’t always appear so gruesome

Don’t look like Dracula

Real monsters can look like anybody

Normal person gonna prey on you

Some believe that

Aliens have taken over

They Live glasses would be good right now

Dread the takeover already has occurred

Humans are extra terrestrial chow

Safety biased superficial

Perception is prejudicial

Self important sacrificial

Anxiety is artificial

Real Monsters don’t always appear so gruesome

Don’t arrive from UFOs

Real monsters can look like anybody

Normal person can slay you slow

Track 3:Halloween II/Skeleton Kiss-Christian Death

The opening sample is from a TV ad for Halloween II. While the original is a classic, unmatched by the vast majority of horror movies, I am a fan of the second entry. While it is a step-down from the first, it is he best of the rest of the original series. I love the way it starts at the exact moment the original ends. Fun fact: the inclusion of the razor blade in the child’s apple helped to perpetuate the unfounded myth that this would really happen. Every time I received an apple from a house on Halloween, I wasn’t allowed to keep it; I had to turn it over to my step-father, who would chuck them down the street, where they would burst on impact.

Early goth band, Christian Death, released this song on their 1979 album Only Theater of Pain. They were always intentionally daring, shocking, and controversial. It’s one of songs that I can’t believe hadn’t been on a mix yet.

Track 4: Bela Lugosi’s Dead (Bauhaus Cover)-Nouvelle Vague

This is a French cover band who name has multiple meanings to their music. Nouvelle Vague is French for New Wave, which is a reference to the 60’s new wave cinema movement that provides inspiration, American music era that they cover the most, and the bossa nova style of music they use for the covers. Bauhaus is my favorite band, and this version of their “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” is such a deconstruction. The original is nine minutes thirty-six seconds. Nouvelle Vague strips it down it its core elements, reducing it to under four minutes. I really like how the some of the strange sounds in the original, are replaced with foot steps. Overall a great cover, but this band seems able to do this with all of the songs they cover.

Track 5: Splatterhouse/Green Like the Color of Blood-Lee Harvey Oswald Band

The ad that starts this song is for Splatterhouse, a video game that modern internet writers can’t help but mention is not Jason Vorheese. Given the lore and plot behind the game, the reference is not lost but not exact. These series of games, with the proper hacks, are bloody and horrific and fun for those who can appreciate what it is trying to do.

Chicago band that seems to be made up of members of other bands; Ric Sims of the Super suckers (I once saw open up for The Reverend Horton Heat in the 90s at The Black Cat in NC), with drummer Jimmy Meat and bassist and sometimes singer Dredge making up the band. Their other album, besides Blastronaut that this song comes from, A Taste of Prison would land on my top 10 best albums of all time. Really, if you have never heard of them, check them out.

Track 6: Black and Orange-God Module

God Module is a Dark Wave band that formed in Orlando, Florida. I’ve noticed that there really are a lot of electronic goth bands in central Florida. This reminded me, since I am originally from Miami, wearing all black is a really commitment. That sun is punishing. That maybe why they relocated to Washington state. Lots of samples in this from from Halloween; Donald Pleasence’s deliveries seem to be an endless source of samples for bands.

Dav’s Ultimate Halloween Mix’s 19th Edition: Halloween 2020

Click Here for Halloween Mix #19


Track List:

  1. And Now The Screaming Starts/Blue Wrath – I, Monster
  2. Seizure/It’s Almost Halloween – Panic at the Disco!
  3. The Reincarnation Of Peter Proud/Slasher in a Mask – Professor D
  4. Ghoulies/Every Day Is Halloween (Ministry Cover) – Tre Lux
  5. Brotherhood of Satan/Docteur Jekyll & Mister Hyde – Brigitte Bardot & Serge Gainsbourg
  6. Tales from the Crypt/Aim For The Head – Creature Feature
  7. The Night Child/Walking On Air – Kerli
  8. Halloween Safety (1977)/Halloween – MC Chris
  9. The Possession of Joel Delaney/Dear Jeepers – Bob Guy
  10. Night of the Living Dead/They’re Coming To Get You Barbara – No More Kings
  11. Hell Night/Halloween – The Young Werewolves
  12. House/Dracula Cha Cha Cha – Bruno Martino
  13. Asylum/Insanity – Oingo Boingo
  14. Psycho From Texas/Skull – Drop Nineteens
  15. Freddy Krueger Hotline/Elm Street Cemetery – A Nightmare On Elm Street
  16. 13 Ghosts/Ghost Creepin’ Blues – St. Louis Bessie
  17. Zombie Island/Crypt Zombie Hula – Deadcats
  18. Dawn of the Dead/Dawn of the Dead – Schoolyard Heroes
  19. Astro Zombies/Corpses (A Zombie Love Song) – God Module
  20. Love Me Deadly/Nightmares – A Flock Of Seagulls
  21. Chopping Mall/Murder Movies – Unwound
  22. Frankenstein/Halloween Parade – Lou Reed
  23. Halloween Safety (1977)/It’s Halloween – The Shaggs

Track 1: And Now The Screaming Starts/Blue Wrath – I, Monster

Intro:  This movie came out in 1973, but takes place 200 years earlier.  A severed hand haunts a recently married couple honeymooning in the family castle.  It turns out the be the severed hand of a servant who was killed and the hand is now controlled by his murderer, the ghost of the husband’s grandfather.  After a number of murders, Peter Cushing’s character shoes up to investigate.

Song: I couldn’t believe it. As I started writing this entry, a strange sort of familiarity was experienced from the research process. I realized that for the first time in nineteen years I put a song on the mix that had been on a previous one. So, with only a few having downloaded the mix before the replacement, here is the new intro song. I, Monster are Dean Honer and Jarrod Gosling, from England; these electronic music artists have been creating together since 1997. The are from Sheffield, and are on their self-created label: Twins of Evil. Both their band and label name are Peter Cushing movies, so it seemed a good choice to be connected to And Now The Screaming Starts.

Track 2: Seizure/It’s Almost Halloween – Panic at the Disco!

Intro: This was Oliver Stone’s first movie. It stars Jonathan Frid, famous for playing Barnabas Collins the British horror soap opera Dark Shadows, as a horror novel writer. He moves his family to a country cottage, so he can finish his latest novel. He starts to have nightmares about the beings featured on the poster above: The Executioner, Queen of Evil, and the Dwarf (played by Fantasy Island’s Hervé Villechaize). He invites a number of friends to the cottage for a weekend and the nightmares become reality.

Song: Panic At The Disco! released this song in 2008 in their early days.  Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross trade singing duties. When I heard this tune, I had to include it as the first full song (not instrumental). It is very catchy. It is much more loose and lo-fi than the songs my daughter has played for me by the band. The vocals were apparently recorded in a bathroom while they were on tour. Check out the music video on Youtube, it is pretty fun.

Track 3: The Reincarnation Of Peter Proud/Slasher in a Mask – Professor D

Intro: The Reincarnation Of Peter Proud was first a novel by Max Ehrlich, who also wrote the screenplay for the movie. College History Professor Peter Proud keeps have the same nightmare about being murdered in the water by a woman in a small boat. After recognizing the woman in his dreams in a film that was shot in Massachusetts, he travels there to find her. Her name is Marcia (played by Margo Kidder, who played Lois Lane in the 1978 Superman), which is the dame name as the woman from his dream. Peter may be the reincarnation of her dead husband.

Song: I usually spend all of September recording songs, finding can cutting up horror movie clips, and picking music, but always feel rushed to get the mix out by October 1. I had originally planned to start a month ahead this year, in August, but I was so busy, I wasn’t really able to get going until the beginning of September. and then caught “the coop”. I am amazed that the mixed turned out so well. The only drawback is that I only had enough time to write and record one original song, but it is a good one. “Slasher in a Mask” was my attempt at creating a typical slasher story with the three verses representing currents state, backstory, and familial victim. I’m particually proud of the juxtaposition of the verses to the sped up chorus. I sing and play guitar on this track and was accompanied by my daughter on the drum pad.

Next year, I am going to aim to produce multiple tracks. Maybe I should start in July.