About The Mix

Professor D at work.

Professor D at work.

Fifteen Years ago, I made a mix called Dav’s Ultimate Halloween. I called the next years mix The Return of Dav’s Ultimate Halloween. I added to the title every year based off a Mr. Show sketch and this year is called:

Haunted Screaming Horror Of The Mad Scientist’s Monster’s Bride Of The Vampire’s Bloody Psychotic Alien Werewolf Curse Of The Ghost Of The Zombie That Ate The Return of Dav’s Ultimate Halloween

I challenge myself every year to make music. I try to do different things:  live songs where I sing and play guitar on a cover, originals, and cut up mixes of different media. This year I have four songs on the mix.


11 thoughts on “About The Mix

    1. davvv333 Post author

      I didn’t skip a year but have realized that one of the years is listed wrong and been folded into another. As soon as I have it figured out I’ll let you know.



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