Song #3: Scream (Misfits Cover)-Professor D


Professor D as Jigsaw Zombie

This is a cover from the Famous Monsters album. I was originally going to do a more classic Misfits tune, but when I decided that the addition to the beginning of this year’s mix’s title would be “Screaming”, this song was the most appropriate choice. I only used drums, guitar, and vocals with various effects added to the guitar and vocals. Rather than record multiple tracks for those moments when there are multiple singers on the original song, I added a separate effect to just those moments.

The Misfits were originally recording this song for the Scream 2 soundtrack, but ended up being a part of Bruiser by zombie film master George Romero. The Misfits appear on stage performing “Scream” during the climax of the film, and George Romero filmed the music video, which begins with a bunch of Misfits fans showing up to an emergency room with assorted zombie related injuries. Multiple dead bodies are also brought in that end up being the band, zombified. The zombie-Misfits then attack the occupants of the emergency room.


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