Song #13: The Shining-Michale Graves


Michale Grave was Glenn Danzig’s replacement in The Misfits. But that is too simple of a common description. There has been a lot of negative press about the post Danzig Misfits, but it has nothing to do with anything between Danzig and Graves. Graves has even opened for Danzig. The truth is that he is a great performer who should be judged on his work alone. After joining the Marines in 2005, he would go solo and play benefits for Damien Echols of The West Memphis Three, which if you don’t know the story is very important for those who judge others based on superficial myths. The album Illusions, that this recording is taken from, has Echols on accompanying guitar. Hopefully, we live in a more enlightened age, though it is hard to tell at times. Anyway, a quick check of Youtube, can find some awesome versions of this, one of the best songs Graves wrote while with The Misfits.


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