Song #24: Don’t Answer The Phone


Nicholas Worth plays Kirk Smith, a photographer and Vietnam Vet who is killing women because of his issues with his dead father, whom he talks to . He starts conversing with Dr. Gale, a female psychologist with a call-in radio show. After her patients start becoming Kirk’s next victims, she starts to work with the detectives trying to find the killer. After starting a relationship with one of the detectives, Kirk abducts and tortures Dr. Gale. The detective shows up in the nick of time to battle to the death.

This 1980 slasher film is one of the many that tried to follow in the steps of Halloween. The plot is very unoriginal. So many of the main plot points are recycled tired tropes, the damaged Vietnam Vet being one of many. The movie is known for being particularly sleazy, but is mostly remembered due to the performance of Worth.


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