Song # 29: Count Macabre-The Connoissurs


Horror hosts were a staple of local TV stations in the 50s and 60s. Old B-horror movies were sold in mass quantities  for cheap prices. The horror host would entertain the viewers periodically throughout the movie, usually before and after commercial breaks. Count Macrabre was a horror host in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His real name was Jay Marlborough. He would carry and talk to a skull named Erik, seen in the picture below.

This song was a tribute to the host, recorded in 1963 in the TV studio, by The Connoissurs, a band whose total existence was this song. Lead singer, Frankie Radosta, appeared musically in the show many times over the years. He was in a band named The DynaTones at the time of this recording and would go in to be in a band named Buffalo in the late 60’s.



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