Dav’s Ultimate Halloween Mix’s 15th Anniversary: Halloween 2016


Click Here For Halloween Mix # 15


It’s hard to believe that I’ve been doing this for fifteen years.

All songs by Professor D are by me. There will be a document that has the song list included. Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think. Feel free to share and pass on the link.  If you want more, check out the previous year’s mixes links at the bottom of this post.

I’ve also just uploaded a bunch of music I made on old mixes under The Best of Professor D.

I’m going to post information about each track all month, so stay tuned.

Track List:

  1. Call of the Freaks-King Oliver
  2. Halloween 2016-Professor D
  3. Scream (Misfits Cover)-Professor D
  4. You Should Be Dead By Now-Anders Manga
  5. Here Lies Love-Mr. Undertaker
  6. On Halloween-The Taters
  7. This Is Not A Dream-John Carpenter & Alan Howarth
  8. The Cold Night Air-Saturnalia
  9. I’m Living In A Grave-Billy Childish
  10. Basket Case-Radio Ad
  11. Scream-Ralph Nielsen & The Chancellors
  12. Ghost of Stephen Foster-Squirrel Nut Zippers
  13. The Shining-Michale Graves
  14. Mr. Ghost Goes to Town-The 5 Jones Boys
  15. 20th Century Vampire-Screaming Dead
  16. World Of Darkness-Electric Prunes
  17. Creep in the Cellar (Butthole Surfers Cover)-Professor D
  18. Ghosts-Japan
  19. The Night Before Halloween-Bill Buchanan
  20. Ghoulnight-The Spookshow
  21. Satanic Verses-The Flatlinerz
  22. Mr. Jaws-Goodman & Buchanan
  23. Nosferatu-Nadsat Rebel
  24. Don’t Answer the Phone-Radio Ad
  25. The Creeper-Unnatural Axe
  26. Dawn of the Dead-Radio Ad
  27. Back From The Dead-Spinal Tap
  28. The Brain That Wouldn’t Die-Excerpt
  29. Count Macabre-The Connoissurs
  30. Monsters-Crüxshadows
  31. Posesion Zombie-Naughty Zombies
  32. Spooktacular Finale-Spike Jones


Previous Years’ Mixes:

Halloween Mix 2015

Halloween Mix 2014


8 thoughts on “Dav’s Ultimate Halloween Mix’s 15th Anniversary: Halloween 2016

  1. Jon carey

    Sorry to be a pain,dav, but once the now shortened title comes up the complete long title still follows it . Is it a windows thing?


    1. davvv333 Post author

      I think so. I only get the whole title on the folder after I have unzipped it. Let me know if you can’t get it to unzip and I’ll create the same abbreviation on the folder and re-zip it. I haven’t had anyone else with Windows have a problem, but I want to make sure this works for everyone. We will get this to work.


  2. Jon carey

    It still won’t unzip,dav. Funny thing is I had no problem with your MIx #14. there must have been a word or two fewer to let it work. I love that mix.



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