Song # 16: Vegan Zombie


I wrote this song based on the drummer of the band I was in at the time. Geof (Pronounced Jeff) was a vegan, and one day I joked about what would he do if he became a zombie. I brought the song with me to the next practice. Doing all of the music for this song, I tried to maintain the overall feeling of the music that the original band created while making it something new. I also got some help from Saphira Rose on background vocals.


Geof won’t consume steak

He won’t chomp down

He won’t eat a fish

Pork chops not on his dish

Nothing that had a face

Even honey’s a disgrace

But after meteor

Flew by graveyard

Living dead walking city

Consume shadows light

Gruesome grueling fright

Gives his neck bite


Vegan Zombie, Has a Craving

Vegan Zombie, Is confusing

Vegan Zombie, Brains and meat

Vegan Zombie, Are not sweet

Vegan Zombie, Just wants tofu

What’s a vegan zombie to do?(2x)  Growls (4x)

Geof would not eat cheese

No quiere queso

He won’t drink milk

Nothing made from its ilk

Marshmallows have no class

On seafood he would pass

But after Zombie Bite

The craving came on

Flesh and blood desire

Hunger makes him perspire

How long as a resister

When the disease takes over


Geof won’t eat spam

Won’t mess around

But now human eating

Would be finger licking

Will ethics be betrayed

A decision must be made

So after contemplation

On zombie digestion

He would make a concession

By eating only vegans

Humanity lost, pale and gaunt

Goes in a vegan restaurant



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