Song # 27: Amityville

Disco Fever.  201A-005-024 Bronx, NY, USA  1983 Rolling Stone.  Special Double Issue.  December 23, 1993.  pp. 139 “Lovebug Starski working the mike and spinning the wheels of steel at Disco fever, in the South Bronx, in 1983.”

Lovebug Starski was an MC and DJ from the Bronx who witnessed the earliest days of hip-hop. In 1986 he had his biggest hit with “Amityville.” He DJed at the infamous Disco Fever Club, where many of the earliest hip-hop pioneers like Grandmaster Flash and Run DMC got their start. He later DJed at the Rooftop Roller Rink in Harlem.

The Amityville Horror has been scaring people for decades. The main reason is due to the claim that it is based on real events. While the original murder of the Defeo family was real, all of the Lutzes’ claims after moving in (the majority of what takes place in the movie and book) were made up by the Lutzes and their lawyer.

No Merchandising. Editorial Use Only. No Book Cover Usage  Mandatory Credit: Photo by c.AmericanI/Everett / Rex Features (572367c)  THE AMITYVILLE HORROR  'THE AMITYVILLE HORROR' FILM - 1979


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