Song # 26: Halloween Rejects


Creepy Cake

I don’t think all of these songs are terrible, some are; but no matter, the overall feeling of each song was ruined by something, causing it to wind up in the “not on my mix” pile

I’ve been collecting Halloween music for much longer than the thirteen years that I have been making these mixes, and even the duds bring some joy, which is why I made this cut-up. “Uncle Eddie’s Coffin” is a great song, but there is just something about the way they sing right before I cut it off that ruins it. “Vampire Beavers” sounds like Frank Zappa recorded a Halloween song. “Psychose” is a really fun song about a psycho, in French, with some really weird high-pitched voice in the background.


Here is the list of songs sampled, in order of appearance. Repeated listings are repeated appearances.

Drac’s Back – Red Listique

Uncle Eddie’s Coffin- Posh Monkeys

It’s Rockula- Rockula

Drac’s Back – Red Listique

It’s Rockula- Rockula

Psychose- Messieurs Richard De Bordeaux et Daniel Beretta

Halloween Night- Monk Turner

Haunted Is My Head- Fez

Paul Lynde Halloween Special

It’s Rockula- Rockula

Donut Eating Jack-o-Lantern- Winchell’s Donuts House Halloween

Halloween- The Wigs

Creepy Cuddly (At The Weirdo’s House)- The Staccatos

Halloween Song- Evangelicals

Do They Know It’s Halloween- North American Halloween Prevention Initiative

Sucker For Your Love- B.A. Robertson

Ghouls Galore- Alan Hawkshaw

Vampire Beavers- Joe Hall & The Continental Drift

A Merry, Shh, Creepy Halloween- George Tibbles/David Levy

Monster Rap- Elvira

Sucker For Your Love- B.A. Robertson

At The Munsters- The Munsters

Monsters Rule O.K.- The Viewers



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